Spatial Dramaturgy
Grenland Friteater, Porsgrunn, Norway
Winter 2022
Laundry of Legends is based on the poem New Year by Nazik El Malaika, from Iraq who passed away in 2007.
A desperate and dark poem but, at the same time, a courageous angry cry. Nazik was a revolutionary poet who wrote about death, the liberation of Arab women, and the dark tide that ravaged her life.
Laundry of Legends will bring the playful and generous power of Malaika's statement that a death poem is an occasion to gather to share. It is a time machine and at the same time a tool with healing powers.
By: Jassem Hindi
Spatial Dramaturgy: Liam Alzafari
A big thank you to Barbara Raes, Walid el Hindi and friends.
Photo: Marie Ursin


Interview by Dr. Elisabeth Nehring about the work can be found here: https://www.theaterderzeit.de/buch/unacknowledged_loss/
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