Yzam Scenography
Yzam Scenography seeks to develop an artistic approach as an “act of remonstration.” Meaning scenography that facilitates opinionated views and positions, and in that way, invites its audience to think, reflect, discuss, and take part.

Scenographical propositions that relate to the political, satirical, and associative approaches of popular culture in the Middle East. Examples of these are found in the stories of Nasreddin Hodja. Similarly, seeking to explore how scenography could be used as a tool to reveal power relations in theatre and public life. By designing set-ups and interventions that ask for interaction and teases position-taking and seeks to develop approaches to scenography that engages in public space, social life, and politics. Concretely, through the practice of interventions, exploring the staging of performative strategies, develop strategies of invitations into public conversations.

Liam Alzafari is Norway based scenographer, and he is researching in Scenography as an Act Of Remonstration. His works focus on mutating between existing spaces strategies with spatial tactics to reorganize spaces. Public spaces and sound are significant characters.
His work has been exhibited around Syria until 2015, and between Norway, Switzerland, Catalonia after.
He holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theater Academy and a BA in set design from the Higher Institution Of Theatrical Art Syria.
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