The Laboratory

Encounter/Transformative space 
CASAL LAPALLAVACARA, Balaguer, Catalonia
Autumn 2018
The Laboratory is a space to provoke the question of staging the political, how art-making can be a tool to stimulate questions that are not asked yet or rethink the questions already there.
The project ran for four days in Balaguer, Catalonia. The focus was being part of and engaging with the local community of Balaguer to get input on how to perform spaces. Therefore, we collaborated with the city to support the Laboratory with local and international artists.
The structure was open regarding the outcome since it is aimed to be based on here/now, meaning we needed to be in the city as a starting point for our devising process to generate small performances reflecting on issues brought up by the participant , leading to a site sensitive happening  as an encounter/Transformative space.
Liam Monzer Alzafari • Maria Monseny Triquell • Aida Lesan • Andrea Madsen Lindeneg• Arnau Torrente • Dídac Gilabert • Mari Pitkänen• Maria Elionore Wang Kvalheim • Shiva Sherveh• Teresa Santos
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