Words - كلمات

Scenography Project - Oslo city streets
Exhibition - Intercultural Museum
Intervention - Gamle Oslo
Augmented reality installation - Akershus Festning

Spring - Autumn 2021
Words/ كَلِماتْ is a project aiming to place 10 Arabic love words, written in Arabic letters, in the shape of
neon signs around Oslo. The idea is to spread Arabic language at places it does not have a good or bad
reason to be. In this process I work on scenography in public space and play with the notion and fear of
the Islamic world and “snikislamisering”, and how Arabic language and Islam for the outsider often is
perceived as the same thing. I do this with a profound wish to discuss similarities and differences
between Arabic and Norwegian culture. I will invite myself into peoples flats and kindly ask them to take
part in the project by having my love word hanging in their window for two weeks - in exchange for a
performance. In that way I seek to make a shared theatrical event and a living scenography of the city.

Now love can be obsessive and all-consuming or friendly and gentle. It can be patient and generous or controlling and filled with jealousy. Love can accommodate all this; it is malleable and changeable in the face of new contexts
Liam Monzer Alzafari has placed 10 neon signs with different Arabic words of love in Oslo. The words are written in Arabic written language and visible to you who move around the city.
In Arabic, love is described in many ways. The 10 words you find here have been selected, translated, and represented by specialists in the Arabic language. Each of the ten words represents a distinctive form of love.

Hear and share love stories
Use the web-app to find the location of the ten different words in Oslo. Within a radius of 50 meters from the sign, the app will provide access to several experiences of the word's meaning. Some of Oslo's people shared their thoughts around love. You are invited to share a story in your language and with your expressions.
Take a walk around the city alone or with your loved ones, and spread the Kalimat of Arabic love.
Project by - Liam Monzer Alzafari
Dramaturgy - Dr. Jan Philipp Schulte
Arabic Language consultant and reviser - Reem Al Aridi
Narrating - Ali Danfy
Arabic - Norwegian translation & historical literature content - Sahara Muhaisen
Norwegian-English translation - Rosanna Vibe
Stories composition & editing - Sara Evelyn Brown
Costume design - Cecilio Martinez
Web-App developer - Anas Almohana / Elytra studio
Poster design
Heba Mohammad
Calligraphy sketches - Naser Khatib
sound production - Sebastian Schmiedl
Video by - Jan Hajdelak Husták
Project coordinator / SY - Sally Alzafari

Supported by Kulturrådet  - Oslo kommune
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