Oslofjorden danser

Scenography - Spatial dramatrugy
PANTA REI DANSETEATER, Gamle Oslo district
Summer 2021
Dancing on the Oslo Fjord is Panta Rei's new venture, in which we make the fjord our stage in a series of dance promenades. Six young, professional dancers from the TILT Grow talent program each present a solo that they themselves have created in collaboration with acclaimed Norwegian choreographers.

The Gamle Oslo district presents a wonderful diversity of people and urban spaces. In partnership with the scenographer Liam Monzer Alzafari, we turn the heart of Gamle Oslo and the fjord into our stage. The production highlights and showcases the district's unique qualities, contexts, and contrasts. The journey through the district gives the audience a chance to join in and get to know local talents.
Scenography -Spatial Dramaturgy
Space exists when one looks at the variables of direction, velocities, and time variables. Thus space consists of intersections of moving elements.
Space occurs as an effect produced by the processes that direct them, set them up, make them temporary, and make them work in a polyvalent unit of conflicting programs or contractual approaches. Movement between solid and shacky surfaces and all the undecided operations happening in the public space that we can't control for the purpose of our performance, hence connecting the city to the concept never makes them identical, but it plays on their gradual coexistence and coexisting is the aim of this spatial arrangement.

We build our tactics over the city strategies until those tactics become our strategy, and then we hand the end to our audience to do their tactics over our strategy before they disembark the boats.
Choreographers: Hege Haagenrud, Mia Habib, Yaniv Cohen, Sudesh Adhana, Inés Belli, Melissa Hough,
Karianne Andreassen, Sarjo Sankareh, Martine Bentsen, Victor Amel Olivares Pedersen, Lou Ditaranto, Iannes Bryulant,
Rowers and boats:
Akerselva trebåtforening,
Scenography: Liam Monzer Alzafari
Contributors Gamle Oslo Fargespill: Arthika Umapalan, Hawa Janlo, Rebecca Bangfield, Pritha Paul, Sommerjobb; Amel Yacob, Kadijatu Janlo, Marco Alcantara), Norges danseskole (Kulturstedet): Khrystyna Dynko, Corita Sophia Valle, Nina Bergan Holmelin, Sara Bergman, Anne Svarstad, Gry Anita Solheim, Heidi Elo Alnæs. Light designer and sound technician Peter Albers Sound Odd Bjørn Photo Mikael Örtenheim
Guide: Mohamed Mohamed
Author: Ane Sivertsen Landfald

Foto Christian Tandberg/Dansens Hus Producer, idea and conseptt: Panta Rei Danseteater. Co-producers solos: Dansens Hus, Den Norske Opera & Ballett og Mia Habib Productions (Residens på Kaffelageret/ Mia Habib Productions, Interkulturelt Museum and Akerselva trebåtforening. Supported by: Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Talent Norge og Oslo Kommune (ReStart Oslo). Thanks to: Akerselva trebåtforening, Dansens Hus Oslo, Mia Habib Productions, Interkulturelt museum, Leo Rygnestad (Områdeløft Grønland og Tøyen), Ung i Bydel Gamle Oslo and Den Norske Opera & Ballett.
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