Neumarkt, Zürich, Switzerland
spring 2018
ZÜRCHER ORCHESTER SOMMER is a project co-created by Liam Alzafari, Melanie Osan, Fynn Schmidt, and Max Woelk, and took place next to theatre Neumarkt as part of W.I.R festival. The performance was aiming to question the populist approach of hyper normalisation when facts can be manipulated with misleading conflicting facts. The performance developed as a form of a classic concert by a young chamber orchestra. Scenographically it is relying on the architecture as a backdrop, establishing an inviting ambience in the beautiful calm part of the old city of Zurich, an expensive wine served as a character of the setup, putting up an image which is tempting to stop by.
A softening meeting point established, four performers serving wine and two performers were spreading rumours about how amazing this cello virtuoso is,
 while an orchestra has been placed to tease the audience which has been invited to enjoy the music with a glass of wine, no music played!
The performers invited passers when they stop by to look by serving them a glass of wine without further information, the audience watching audience situation was an essential part as people start to ask each other about the program and because of the rumours the lie kept growing until the end.
The performance has been refused to be in the public space by the theatre hosting the festival regarding bad experience which leads to cut their funds from the government, ZHDK the institution which organising as well because they wanted to keep a good relationship with the venue, as well the police arguing it is a touristic area. We hide our set up in a close ally and the venue.
Performers/musician took their instrument from the venue and walked to the yard where the concert is, and carried the notes stative, and chairs from the closed ally. High tables put out for the audience which all set up in two minutes. Moreover, many dysfunctional details were part of the performance. Unstable tables, candles on the table and the serves team keep trying to light them up with broken lighters. The cello virtuoso will tease the audience by playing a couple of notes as the musician is tuning the instrument, until the end, it developed to be this music of small talks between audiences creating a different soundscape of rumours and chatters about what is coming next.



CO-CREATORS: Fynn Schmidt • Liam Alzafari • Max Woelky • Melanie Osan.

PERFORMERS: Balistoy Yan • Berger Noëmi • Brühl Sebastian • Disler Annet • Hämmerli Giorgina • Hegemann Johannes • Heise Florian • Ihrler Theresa • Kapinga Grab Carine • Kretschmer Silvio • Lampert Florian • Laybourne Julian • Lombardi Amy • Mauchle Severin • Rüegg Anja Elisabeth • Sersch Annabelle • Slisch Mahalia Lucie • Stutz Alexander • Wilhelm Nico-Alexander.

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