Molecular Effect
The Maras

Vårscenefest, Tromsø, Norway
Rådstua Teaterhus – Provisoriet
Spring 2016
To enter into the inner, what we consist of;
water, minerals, atoms, compound compounds ... From one brain to another. From one body to another. Electricity.
Stories, thoughts, dreams and memories are something we can share and re-create.
Everything is substance, molecules in motion.

The Maras weave together this evening a multi-sensory experience of compositions, costume design, scenography, smell, brain impulses, performance art, improvisation and image.



Vocal, keys and performance art: Marita Isobel Solberg
Bass, electronics: Christo Stangness
Drums / percussion: Stig Arne Sigmund Pettersen
Guitar: Torje Åsali Jenssen & Arnljot Nordvik
Brain impulse master / artist: Marko Alastalo
Scenography: Liam Monzer Alzafari & Marita Isobel Solberg
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