by Fernando Arrabal

Black-box, Damascus, Syria
Spring 2014
Guernica, a play by Fernando Arrabal inspired by Picasso's painting,  depicts a universe founded upon guilt. A nameless officer's stare and the sight of his handcuffs are enough to implicate in guilt those who are helplessly caught in the war's anonymous destruction. Authority, whatever form it may take in Arrabal, is synonymous with gratuitous persecution. The absent father, the possessive mother, and the anonymous state all share this feature.
The play was censored by the administration and the premiere got canceled, the official reason was that the short play does not correspond with the sensitive political and social situation in Syria.
While the real reason was the criticisms towards the Syrian government.



Director: Kifah Zenieh
Dramaturge: Ammar Almamoun
Performars: Farah dibiat, Majdi Almoukbel, Marwan khallouf
Light design: Aos Rstom
Scenography: Liam Monzer Alzafari
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