Wozzeck opera 

Scenography concept
Damascus Opera House, Syria 
Spring 2015
Wozzeck is an opera in three acts by Austrian composer Alban Berg.
A dark story of madness and murder, Wozzeck is an adaptation of Büchner’s groundbreaking and highly influential work, which was in progress at the author’s death in 1837 and was not performed until 1913.
The set in a town near a military barracks during the first quarter of the 19th century.
Cast And Vocal Parts
Marie, Wozzeck’s common-law wife (soprano)
Wozzeck, a soldier (baritone)
the Drum Major (tenor)
the Doctor (bass)
the Captain (tenor)
This concept has been developed jointly with a communication engineer, to extract shapes, mapping systems, and movement pattern from music.
After writing the musical notes as midi, those midi files have been decoded to its basic binary. Later according to the musical forms of each scene and its keys and cords, the binary has been coded as shapes or mapping system and movement patterns and integrated to the dramaturgy of the opera.
The concept is fully developed technically, but not refined to a premiere and have not been realised due to the cuts in budgets during the war.
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