Head to head V 0.01

Mühlegasse, Zürich, Switzerland, Zentralbibliothek
Spring 2018
head to head is an intervention took place in Zurich, from a café, a hidden setup of an ultra-sonic speaker placed in a café facing the wall of Zentralbibliothek and streaming Trump - Inauguration speech, with a child sound effect.
when passers cross the focused beam of sound. The sound waves silently travel until it bounces from the solid surface, that means when the wave touch the body it gives the feeling that sound is coming out of the body.
the intervention tries to give the speech another chance to be heard, out of trump characteristics, in this case, the speech is the thing to reflect on, as a refusal of the rhetoric’s which does not reflect on a problem but its symptoms.
This intervention meant to be Zentralbibliothek, but the strategies of the institution forbid entering the common study areas with bags, that meant the set-up of the intervention could not meet its planned audience. Therefore, the tactic was to take it outside but still next to the library. As authorities demand clear description and explanation for any presence in the public space, they deny the access most likely since the outcome is not clear, as it is in this case. And it might conflict with the core of the action which is the uncontrollability, so the tactic was to hide, yet, the police came, but they have been lead away with the same feature of the ultra-sonic speaker focused sound beam.
There were many interactions from the pedestrians. Some would recognise the peculiar sound as it does not belong for such a public space and they ignore it. Others will stay to hear more. While someone else panicked, as if the sound beam hit the pinna of the ear directly the sound will be amplified as if one had headphones on, and I had to interfere and explain what is going on.
Scenography agency, in this case, works as an organiser/re-organiser of the existing structure, by applying different tactics over the exciting strategies. Reflecting on a third thing without claiming knowledge which establishes the hierarchy in the relationship with the audience, yet unknown outcome, which opens up the possibilities for the uncontrollable to appear.


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